Primal Texas BBQ Vegan Jerky

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  • "for the vegan that craves smokey, chewy, meat(less) strips"
Primal Texas BBQ Vegan Jerky

Primal Texas BBQ Vegan Jerky

Primal Texas BBQ Vegan Jerky is a meatless, soy-based vegan jerky strip. What, is that not enough for you? Well it’s also gluten free! What the heck, that’s so amazing! Seitan without gluten. Texas BBQ and Hickory Smoked are the only flavours of Primal vegan jerky that are gluten free, but luckily they are tasty ones! Primal also have 5 other vegan jerky flavours.

The Primal packaging can be a little difficult to open at times, and the strips are a little pricey, but it all becomes worth it when you’re on the road. Missing the feeling of getting meat-strips at a rest stop on the highway? Bring Primal Texas BBQ Vegan Jerky along for the trip! The flavour is subtle, slightly sweet and smokey, and the texture is all chew.
While Primal vegan jerky is not the same as it’s animal-based counterpart, Primal does a great job of satisfying the same craving. It’s even a little bit juicy, while the slight dryness adds amazing texture. This jerky even has a great meaty aftertaste, if that doesn’t disturb you too much.
If they were more economical, I would eat them everyday. That is not an exaggeration. Honestly, why would anyone eat meat when they could just eat Primal vegan jerky?
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