So Delicious Neapolitan Ice Cream

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So Delicious Neapolitan Ice Cream

So Delicious Neapolitan Ice Cream

I will preface this by saying that neapolitan is not my favourite flavour of ice cream. It takes three flavours that are not so bad on their own and mixes them together in a mediocre flavour-of-childhood-like ice cream. Before all of the neapolitan fans get upset with me, I will say that neapolitan is my housemates favourite flavour, which is why So Delicious Neapolitan Ice Cream ended up in my freezer. Even though my housemate and I have different opinions on neapolitan, we can both agree that So Delicious neapolitan ice cream is a little disappointing.

My current housemate is an omnivore, and he claims that So Delicious Neapolitan ice cream is okay, but is lacking because it’s not real ice cream. I disagree. I think that vegan ice cream can be just as good, and sometimes even better than dairy ice cream, but So Delicious Neapolitan ice cream does not demonstrate this. I agree that this ice cream is disappointing. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just not great. It is not very creamy or even that flavourful. Usually with neapolitan ice cream, vanilla is my favourite flavour. Then it is a tie between strawberry and chocolate, which I try to avoid when scooping out the most vanilla ice cream possible. But my housemate and I agree that vanilla is actually the worst flavour in this mix, and that the strawberry is definitely the best, with chocolate lying somewhere in the middle.

By biggest problem with So Delicious Neapolitan ice cream is that it is inferior to dairy neapolitan. Why even bother to make a vegan ice cream that makes you want to consume dairy ice cream? I’d rather have homemade banana ice cream any day over paying $7 for a tub of this.
Despite this harsh review, if I were in a pinch, perhaps say, going to a bbq or desperately craving ice cream, I would probably buy So Delicious Neapolitan ice cream again. I would be a little embarrassed sharing this with omnivore friends, and would feel compelled to defend how awesome non-dairy ice cream can be. That said, So Delicious Neapolitan ice cream is just that, and it will probably do the job of satisfying your ice cream fix.
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