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the vegg vegan egg yolk

the vegg vegan egg yolk

So you’ve probably heard the rumours about a new vegan egg yolk hitting the market, and those rumours are true! Here is your introduction to the Vegg vegan egg yolk. The Vegg comes in the form of a powder that turns into yolk when blended with water to create a thick, gloopy, yellow substance. Once you blend it, it really does look and smell like egg yolks. You can even make spherical yolk balls and have them break over your toast or what ever you are eating. The photos of the spherical yolks look quite amazing.

However, I have two main issues with this product. Yes it looks and smells like yolk, which is fantastic, but :

a) You need calcium chloride beads to spherify the yolk. I don’t have access to calcium chloride beads where I live. I imagine having an authentic looking ball of yolk would be really cool, and that is probably the best feature of this product.

b) I don’t really see the point. The Vegg isn’t an egg replacer (they have since come out with a baking Vegg for replacing eggs which I have yet to try), so adding it to baked goods is, in my opinion, pointless.

I have a copy of the Vegg cookbook which contains some recipes to try out with the product. The first thing I made was the Date Nut Bread. It was delicious, but I honestly could not notice if the Vegg made any difference. The main weakness of the Vegg is that vegan food and recipes are already amazing. I’ve made many loaves, cookies, and cakes without eggs or the Vegg that are perfect the way they are. So why would I buy a product and spend extra time preparing and cleaning up after it when I don’t need to?

Vegg Recipes

Vegg Recipes

At this point, you may be thinking, okay, if the Vegg doesn’t really make a difference in baked goods, then what about more eggy recipes? Yes, the Vegg does a better job at egg-like recipes, but I still think that it is not worth the effort or money. For example, I made french toast for my friends as a Galentine’s Day brunch celebration and my friends and I really enjoyed it. I followed the recipe that was printed on the Vegg packet (not sure if it is on the newer Vegg containers), and honestly, I’ve had Veggless vegan french toast that was just as good.

Vegg French Toast

Vegg French Toast



I wanted to give the Vegg another shot, something where it had the opportunity to really shine its eggy goldenness: the tofu scramble. I made my standard tofu scramble (based on the PPK Scrambled Tofu recipe) and added in one yolk serving of the Vegg. There were recipes I had seen online where others had tried the same. One person even tried to make scrambled Vegg, with no tofu, which you should not try because the Vegg has no body, no thickener to make it transform from liquid to solid. The result of my experiment was a weirdly gooey and soupy tofu scramble. It didn’t taste any better, in fact, it actually tasted a little worse.

In summary, here is my overall opinion on the Vegg:

It looks and tastes like yolk, yay! But I haven’t found a way to use it that is worth the money or the effort. If you’ve got money, time, and access to calcium chloride beads, please try this product because it is cool, and let me know how your veggies turn out!

– cholesterol free
– gluten free, soy free, GMO free, fat free yolk
– kosher
Made in facility that handles Wheat, Egg, Milk, Fish, Soy, Shellfish, Sesame, Tree nuts and Sulphites.
$12.99 (USD) (+$10 shipping to Canada)
(makes over 99 yolks!)
Galentines Day

Galentine’s Day Card

Galentine's Card

Galentine’s Day Card

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