Sainsbury’s Cook’s Dark Chocolate Chips

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Sainsbury's Cook's Dark Chocolate Chips

Sainsbury’s Cook’s Dark Chocolate Chips

I love chocolate, but I love chocolate chips even more. You’re probably thinking “wait a second What Vegans Eat, chocolate chips are chocolate, duh.” And my friend, you are right. However, if I buy a chocolate bar, I’m probably going to eat the whole thing. If I buy a chocolate bar, I have to break it up into pieces or melt it to bake with it. These problems are solved by chocolate in chip form. I can stuff a few in my face and (usually) walk away without feeling guilty or high on sugar. I can whip up some cookie dough or muffins and just sprinkle some chips on, no effort required. I love chocolate chips, and I love Sainsbury’s Cook’s Dark Chocolate Chips. They are cute little mini chips that taste delicious on their own or baked into your goods. My only complaint is that the bags aren’t big enough (100g), but that is easily fixed by buying more than one bag (which I do, often).

Eat up friends, this is as good as it gets (which is pretty darn good).

If you don’t know what a Sainsbury’s is, and you live in a country that sells President’s Choice products, like, say, in Canada, then pick yourself up some of these bad boys.

– not organic or Fair Trade cocoa

– contains soy

– May contain peanuts, nuts, milk, egg, or wheat gluten due to the manufacturing methods

80p from Sainsbury’s

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