Farplace Animal Rescue

Farplace Animal Rescue

Farplace Animal Rescue

You may remember Farplace Animal Rescue from our post on the North East Vegan Festival 2013 who were the organizers of the very first vegan festival in the North East of England. Farplace Animal Rescue is an animal sanctuary in England that takes in neglected, abused, or stray animals to care for them and ultimately find them new, loving homes.


Sleepy Pumpkin

What Vegans Eat spent Valentine’s Day at the sanctuary volunteering and spending time with the animals. It was absolutely astounding to see the love and support that these animals receive given their diversity of needs and backgrounds. At Farplace I had the opportunity to make a lot of cat, dog, ferret, chicken, and bunny friends. It was very difficult to not take a few home with me. The animals that I met were some of the sweetest most amazing beings in the world and I was very lucky to spend time with them.


Perhaps the most amazing thing at Farplace is the FIV cat sanctuary, where the kitties who have contracted FIV get the medical attention and support that they need. At

Whiskers & Fred

Whiskers & Fred

most shelters, cats with FIV are put down because they pose a risk to other cats. But at Farplace Animal Rescue, the cats are given their own space to relax and hangout. The sanctuary takes care of the needs of each individual animal, and therefore depends on a lot of financial and volunteer support.

How can you help? DONATE, shop, or volunteer at Farplace Animal Rescue, or come find a new addition to your family. You can also find them on Facebook to see more of the wonderful things they do there. Please support Farplace any way you can so the wonderful work they do there can continue!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s and cuddles with your special someone (in my case, many furry someones)!



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