Alpro Soya Custard

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  • Alpro Soya Custard isn't healthy due to it's high sugar content, but it contains less saturated fat than traditional custard while still tasting great!

Alpro Soya Custard

Alpro Soya Custard


Vegan Custard

Drink up!

I’m living in the U.K. this year, and that means I need to be in the know of tradtitional English foods. My first meal here made by my roommate was beans and toast with fried tomatoes, so I was off to a good start. One of the things I have quickly discovered is ‘pudding.’ Pudding in England just means dessert. Luckily for me during the holiday season I was treated to many English puddings and there was one thing that they all had in common: custard poured on top. The tricky part is that the best way for me to describe custard is by comparing it to vanilla pudding, which I have found confuses the people here.

While the language of desserts may be confusing, Alpro Soya Custard is simple and delicious. It comes in a 500ml carton from your local grocery store and can be served hot or cold. You can even drink it straight from the carton if you choose. The most traditional way that I have seen custard served is heated and poured onto a cake, like a Christmas pudding (see, it’s complicated). The cold custard is a little thicker and reminds me a lot of plain vanilla pudding. The taste is sweet, vanilla, and soy-y and it is creamy but not too heavy. When Alpro soy custard is heated, it becomes thin and has more pronounced vanilla and nut flavours. I really enjoy it either way, and for less than a pound per carton, you can’t go wrong!

– dairy free

– Non GM soy

– gluten and wheat free

– nut free

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