Tesco Sweetened Soya Milk

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Tesco Sweetened Soya Milk

Tesco Sweetened Soya Milk

“Alternative to dairy milk”

Tesco Sweetened Soya milk has a light, slightly nutty flavour and is sweet and smooth. It also has a very pleasant soy taste, but if you don’t enjoy the taste of soy then you probably won’t like any soy milk. It works great in tea, cereal, smoothies, or anywhere else you would use sweetened soy milk.

Sometimes we like to do big grocery orders in our house, and we always have our cupboards stocked with soymilk. Tesco Sweetened Soya milk is one of our houses’ favourite kinds. While I prefer to use unsweetened soy milk, my housemates really enjoy their soy milk sweetened. If you enjoy sweetened soy milk as well, Tesco Sweetened Soya milk is a very affordable and very convenient choice. Plus, it has the added bonus of being made with apple extract versus corn syrup or other highly processed sweeteners.

Quick Points:
– added vitamins B2, B12, and D
– nut free
– concentrated apple extract for sweetener
– not organic

Purchased for 59p for 1L at Tesco in UK 

UPDATE Many soy milk brands in the UK are changing their packaging. They have now upgraded to a carton with a screw on cap over the flip up lid (like the one pictured). That means the next time you go to shake your soy milk carton before using it, it will be much less likely to spill all over you. Cheers!

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