Silver Hills Squirrelly Bagels

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Silver Hills Squirrelly Bagels

Silver Hills Squirrelly Bagels

Bagels are an interesting food. They are comparable to compressed slices of bread rolled into a circle with a hole punched in the center. But there is something interesting about bagels that separates them from slices of bread. I wouldn’t put cream cheese and cucumber on a sandwich (although you definitely can), but the thought of it on a bagel is enough to make me salivate. Moreover, as a vegan traveller, bagels with peanut butter and jam are a rest stop staple. Thank you Tim Hortons!

Silver Hills Squirrelly bagels  are in a separate category of bagel. Unlike any bagel I’ve had before, these bagels have squirrel toes in them! Just kidding, that wouldn’t be vegan. I’m not sure why they are ‘squirrelly’ bagels. The bag states that squirrels are seed lovers, but these bagels only contain two types of seed: sesame and sunflower. I guess that’s good enough for the squirrels. I liked these bagels, but they were very fluffy, similar to bread. They probably would have been a little firmer after being toasted, but these are the least dense bagels I have had.

Silver Hills makes some good quality products. It is a little pricer than your standard bread products, but you can rest assured that no stearol-2-lactate will make its way into your sandwich. These bagels contain a whole suite of features that will make you swoon. Sprouted organic whole grains, sweetened with raisin nectar, certified vegan, GMO-free, no artificial preservatives, and product of Canada all wrapped up in a biodegradable bag.

-no added sugar
-no added oil

May contain tree nuts and soy.
$5.07 at Riverside Grocery, Whitehorse, YT, Canada

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