Brad’s Raw Kale Chips

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Brad's Raw Kale Chips

Brad’s Raw Kale Chips

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed in this product. It’s not that they are bad, on the contrary, they are pretty delicious, but they pale in comparison to homemade kale chips. I have tried another brand of store bought kale chips that I liked better than these, although the brand name escapes me. Those ones were straight up kale and coated in deliciousness like nutritional yeast, but were probably not raw. The flavour of Brad’s raw kale chips is not bad, but the ingredients are just ground up and dehydrated, while I like my kale chips whole and leafy. The most interesting thing about this product is that the first ingredient is NOT kale – it is carrots. Carrots! These are carrot chips. Despite not being made of kale primarily, they are pretty good. I would not buy these again for everyday use, except perhaps to try different flavours. I would, however, buy these while traveling. They are light and jammed packed with nutrients. The product declares itself “A Meal In A Bag.” In which case, $8 a bag is pretty good for a meal, and a little pricey for a snack. They do have a leafy version which I will sure to try, but until then I consider this a snack for the road.

  • gluten free, raw, organic, no preservatives


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