Daiya Pepperjack Vegan Cheese

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Daiya Pepperjack Vegan Cheese

Daiya Pepperjack Vegan Cheese

Daiya Pepperjack Vegan Cheese is a great addition to the Daiya family. Tacos, quesadillas, nachos, pizza, chili, burritos and other flavourful items get an extra boost from Pepperjack Daiya. The Pepperjack doesn’t mix with all flavours, however, so choose your Daiya wisely. Milder cheeses such as mozzarella and cheddar are available in the Daiya family. Daiya melts well and has a reasonably good texture. Now, you non-vegans, don’t be thinking that this will taste the same as cheese, because it does not. What Daiya does is function the same way that cheese would in any recipe while adding its own unique flavour and texture. While Daiya is not cheap, regular cheese is not either, so using either product is an optional expense. Whether you Daiya or don’t, give this product a try!

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