Tofutti Horray! Horray! Bars

Overall Score4.5
  • A light and delicious treat!

Tofutti Horray! Horray! Bars

Tofutti Horray! Horray! Bars

Wow. Tofutti Horray! Horray! Bars rock. AND THEY HAVE NO ADDED SUGAR. That fact almost stopped me from buying them, but the box was so festive and I was buying them for a celebration so I tried them anyways. And boy, am I glad that I did! They are a little light, but that just makes their creaminess more surprising. It’s hard to go wrong with vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and rice crisps. My vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous friends really enjoyed these as well. They’re small, light, tasty, and sweetened with stevia. Tofutti products are generally pretty good, and these are no exception. Check it out, seriously. I wish I could have one now. I’m on a six hour drive to Dawson in Yukon Territory for the Dawson City Music Festival and I wish I had a box of these right now. Go try them and you’ll see what I mean. Also, there is tofu in them. Tofu! Who would have thought?

– kosher

– sweetened with stevia

– contains soy

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