So Good Vanilla Soy Milk

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  • Consume at your own risk. I would only use this soy milk to make ice cream because I would not have to add any sugar.
So Good Vanilla Soy Milk

So Good Vanilla Soy Milk

Ugh, where to begin. A lot of soy milks on the market are very similar and extremely interchangeable. I wrote a post on So Nice Unsweetened soy milk, which is my favourite choice. So Good vanilla soy milk, a brand which is easily confused with So Nice, is not as good nor as nice. The first big fault is that So Good is made with non-organic soy, and without GMO free certification is almost certainly genetically modified. The second fault is that it is made with corn syrup, incase you wanted extra GMOs in your milk. Thirdly, there are too many unnecessary ingredients in this soy milk. I will not judge you if you prefer sweetened soy milk (even though soy milk is delicious without it), however So Good has four, yes FOUR, different forms of sugar. Yikes. Add salt and oil, some soy, and some unpronounceable ingredients and you have So Good Vanilla Soy Milk. Doesn’t sound so good anymore, does it? As for the taste, So Good tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake, which isn’t bad, but represents just how much sugar is in it. If you like sugar and GMOs, grab So Good, if you don’t, pick up some So Delicious, So Nice, or other So soy milk.

– no preservatives

– GMO soy

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  1. Raelynn Smith

    Soy Good Vanilla ups the sugar Nov. 2016.
    Because our daughter can’t have milk, we stopped buying milk and decided to find an alternative. I brought home several alternatives to try: soy, almond milks. Disgusting was how I would describe most. The only one I actually enjoyed was Soy Good Vanilla The Soy Good Original was better than most but still not what I would want to drink.
    For a milk alternative I mixed 1 part bottled water with minerals with 4 parts So Good Vanilla. That gave me both a good taste and it cut down on the sugar. It was very time consuming but that was the combination that gave a taste the was close to plain milk (not a milk desert beverage).
    The So Good Vanilla we bought at the end if Oct. 2016 is different than the So Good Vanilla we bought in Nov. 2016. The taste isn’t as good and they upped the sugar from 12g per 250ml to 14g per 250ml. Seriously, in this day and age, up the sugar is a good idea?
    I called their number and let them know this isn’t acceptable Canadian: 1-888-401-0019
    Congratulations, you’ve ruined the taste and added to people’s sugar intake. I’m going back to the store and starting over again to find a different milk alternative.

    1. Post author
      Dana Hart

      Interesting idea, to cut the milk with water to make the consistency more like cow’s milk and to reduce the sugar. Sorry to hear that they have increased the sugar, but thanks for update. The original recipe was definitely sweet enough already!

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