Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage

Overall Score5
  • A great tea/coffee substitute or additional tasty beverage in your arsenal.
Dandy Blend

Dandy Blend

I’ll just say it: Dandy blend is fabulous. Made of roasted dandelion and chicory roots, Dandy Blend has a toasty, if not slightly nutty flavour. Dandy Blend is marketed as a coffee substitute, but it is so much more. A flat teaspoon makes a tea-like beverage, a rounded teaspoon makes a coffee-like beverage, and a heaping teaspoon makes an espresso-like beverage. Drink it hot on its own, or add milk or sugar. I have not yet tried an iced Dandy, but I bet with a little soy milk and maple syrup it would be perfect. Incase you were wondering, non-coffee drinkers like it too! I am an avid tea drinker, and I don’t enjoy the taste of coffee. My favourite feature of Dandy Blend is that it helps me cut my caffeine consumption. Late at night when I crave a black tea, I often make Dandy Blend instead because there is no caffeine to disrupt my beauty sleep. Dandy Blend does mention on their website, however, that people have reported disruptive sleep after drinking dandy blend. While Dandy Blend contain no products known to do this, the effect may be a side effect to the body thinking it is drinking coffee or tea before bedtime. I drink this product frequently before bed and have never experienced these effects.

I recommend this product highly.

$16.49 7oz bag CDN

– gluten free

– GMO free

– caffeine free

– nut free

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