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I have great news for all of you American vegans! Trader Joe’s has a published list of ALL of their vegan products! I wish all stores did this (or at least labeled their products that were vegan)!

Trader Joe’s Vegan Products  Vegan Groceries

To be honest, I have not yet had the chance to shop at Trader Joe’s seeing as they have no Canadian locations and I have never been to one while visiting the States. I have been to Wegmans which overs a wide selection of vegan products. Whole Foods is also a great place for a vegan to shop, and they have Canadian locations!

As a special side note for you Hamiltonians, Fortino’s has a descent selection of vegan products in their health foods section. Zehrs also has a similar selection. I used to shop at the one in Cambridge when I lived there. Fiddleheads is a great health food store in Cambridge and is the only source of Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows in Southern Ontario that I am aware of.  Goodness Me! is another good source for health foods and vegan groceries in the Hamilton area.

What Vegans Eat will be located in England this fall, so I will update this post with some great UK vegan shops!

Where is your favourite place to shop for vegan products?

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