Pizza Pandemic Party

Today we have a special post. My friends, Tom, Nate, Mike, and I like to have weekly get togethers dubbed “Pizza Pandemic Parties” or “PPP” for short. During these parties, we make themed vegan pizzas and play the board game Pandemic. Sometimes we listen to 90s music or watch wrestling for inspiration to defeat the pandemics of diseases in the board game.

For one special PPP we decided to review some of the vegan products we were using as well as three types of root beer we were drinking that night. First I will introduce you to the judges, then we’ll get to the reviews.

Tom cutting vegan pizza at PPP

Tom cutting vegan pizza





This is Tom. He likes vegan food, walks in the woods, and spooning cats.







Nate give his approval

Nate gives his approval




This is Nate. He loves vegan food, cycling, and Tegan and Sara.





Mike snacking on Doritos.

Mike snacking on Doritos




This is Mike. He invented using pizza sauce as a dip for Doritos. He loves Vegan “Pizza Hut” Cherry Dessert Pizza even though he is an omnivore.




Yves Pepperoni

Yves Vegan Pepperoni

Yves Vegan Pepperoni



Mike: “tastes like something meaty I’ve eaten before”

Tom: “Wow. It’s salty. I think cured meat is really hard to replicate”

Me: “It’s a good substitute, but it dries out a lot in the oven. Maybe I’ll put it under the cheese next time”




Tofurky Bacon Tempeh

Tofurky Vegan Bacon Tempeh

Tofurky Vegan Bacon Tempeh



Me: “I love maple tempeh bacon”

Tom: “Ew, I would cook it” (He loved it cooked on the Canadian Pizza)

Mike: “Not bad. It’s not really bacon-y because of the texture (pre-cooked)”







Mozzarella Daiya

Daiya Mozzarella Vegan Cheese

Daiya Mozzarella Vegan Cheese




Mike: “It tastes like low-fat, no name cheese.” – This is coming from an omnivore.

Tom, Nate, and I (the vegans) really like Daiya, it is our go-to vegan cheese. It melts well and tastes good.


CDN $5.99





Blue Sky

Blue Sky Vegan Root Beer

Blue Sky Vegan Root Beer



Me: “It is vanilla-y and delicious, but not perfect.”

Mike: “Very good root beer; probably in my top 3.”

Tom: “Feels like satin in my mouth. A fruity start with a root-y end.”

Nate: “It’s delicious.”

CDN $0.99






Krisda Natural Root Beer

Krisda Natural Root Beer



Me: “Ew, it tastes like straight-up mouthwash. Really noticeable stevia flavour. For 0 calories, you might as well drink water.”

Mike: “Looks like Brio.”

Tom: “It is Brio. Cinnamon-y, not root beer.”

Nate: “I never want to drink this again.”

CDN $0.99


Real Brew

Real Brew Vegan Root Beer

Real Brew Vegan Root Beer




Me: “It’s alright. It tastes like “root beer flavour,” not root beer.”

Mike: “It’s fruity and very sweet.”

Tom: “Wow. There’s the body that I crave. It tastes kind of like a candy cane.”

CDN $1.50






Kettle Organic Country BBQ

Kettle Vegan BBQ Chips

Kettle Vegan BBQ Chips



 Mike: “Those are good, period.”

Tom: “I feel like an asshole, but I feel they’re too sweet to be BBQ.”

Nate: “They’re not bad. I enjoy the crunch.”

Me: “I think they’re good, but fairly boring. They don’t live up to the Kettle quality.”




Veggie and Mac & Cheeze Pizza

Veggie and Mac & Cheeze Pizza




There were some products that we enjoyed more than others, but overall the food was delicious. We have made pizzas ranging from Cheezeburger to Mac & Cheeze, to Meat Lovers. Each time we fall more in love with the possibilities vegan pizza has to offer. As for the game, there is nothing like vegan pizza and root beer to help you save the world.

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